About Us

3D Systems Healthcare was founded on the idea that medical imaging studies should not only be used for diagnosis but that they should drive clinical treatment. This principle has propelled development of world-leading surgical planning and clinical transfer tools, which guide how reconstructive surgery is done today. Having had the chance to work with many surgeons around the world on tens of thousands of patient cases has been an incredible privilege. This also gives us a unique perspective on surgical planning and common challenges faced by surgical teams every day. We’ve used that knowledge to further our product line into new and exciting areas, including VSP® (Virtual Surgical Planning) and creation of additively manufactured implant constructs.

 Our early products including ClearView and AccuDental® anatomical models set the standard by which all other medical models continue to be measured. We have a drive to do what we do better and furnish you, our customer, with more and more value. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring the different facets of our company and today’s services.

We are committed to producing engineering-based solutions to solve reconstructive surgical problems. Our company is known for its best-in-class custom medical models that are relied on every day by surgical teams around the world. Over the last 15+ years, our company has been continuously innovative in the area of custom-driven solutions, offering a steady stream of enhancements to surgical models, instrumentation, planning and customized prosthetics. This exciting mix of technologies is focused on solving surgical problems and enhancing patient care.

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