ArthroView Anatomical Models®

3D Systems offers its ArthroView Anatomical Models® exclusively for orthopedic applications. These opaque-white stereolithography models are the ideal visualization tool for orthopedic reconstruction and oncologic cases. Highly accurate and sterilizable, these models provide a true three-dimensional view of complex anatomy and allow for hands-on surgical planning. Following the medical imaging step, which reconstructs the two-dimensional images into three-dimensional files, the bone model files are sent to our fleet of state-of-the-art stereolithography additive manufacturing machines. These machines typically produce single or multiple models over many hours, in a layered, additive fashion. Models are made in a biocompatible resin, which is UV-cured layer by layer by an ultraviolet laser. Once complete, the models are sent through our intensive quality control system and readied for shipment to the surgeon. ArthroView models can be sterilized, if needed, for reference in the sterile field during the surgical procedure. Typical turnaround can be from one to two weeks with faster turnaround possible for urgent needs.

  • Orthopedic Applications of ArthroView Anatomical Models®
    • Acetabular Fractures:
      • Providing a disarticulated model of the acetabulum and proximal femur provides a method for assessing the joint. Examination of true 3D data will enhance the decision-making process and help with surgical treatment options, including sizing of off-the-shelf implants or fabrication of custom-made acetabular components.
    • Calcaneal Fractures:
      • Three-dimensional analyses of the calcaneous offers a direct hands-on approach in determining the need for surgery. Disarticulation of the subtalar joint allows for clear visualization of complex fractures.
    • Tibial Plateau Degeneration/Fractures:
      • Using a model to evaluate treatment options for complex tibial plateau fractures allows for better visualization than traditional imaging techniques.
    • Spinal Fracture and Degenerative Disease:
      • Assessment of the facet joints can be visualized and intervertebral measurements can be accurately accomplished using the model preoperatively. Surgical techniques and determination of osteotomy placement can be visualized and planned using models.

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